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Assisting Members

Assisting Members

This page is dedicated to assisting members in need. If you know about any member that has an account set up for themselves or a family member, please email to admin [at] ibew824 [dot] org and the info will be posted on this page.

Please Help Our Sister fight cancer

Sister Tanya Costellanos Wilson is battling cancer and needs our help. Please visit the go fund me page listed below that has been set up to assist her and her family in this difficult time.

Help For Tanya

Harrison Thornhill needs our help

Brothers and Sisters,
Harrison Thornhill, former President of our local, needs our help. He is currently in the hospital and his family is requesting for our help by donating blood. If you are interested in donating please go to the Winter Haven Blood Bank, which is next door to the Winter Haven Hospital, and let them know you wish to donate blood on his behalf.


Family in need

Message from our Union Brother Jeremy Parks (CZT II Lakeland)

Jacqie Parks is my wife and mother of our three children.  She has Stage IV breast cancer, which has spread to her liver and bones.  Jacqie has been receiving chemotherapy treatments at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Fl.  Everything was going good up until a month or so ago.  Her immune system has been depleted and her pain has gone out of control.  Jacqie is on countless numbers of pain pills and has become bed ridden.  She is no longer able to receive chemo treatments due to low blood and platelet counts.  This is why we need your help!!  The clinic we want to send Jacqie is in Oldsmar, Florida and it is called Utopia Wellness Clinic. Unfortunately, insurance will not cover their treatments and it's expensive.  The program is six to twelve weeks depending on the doctors recommendation and it's about $3,000 dollars per week and that doesn't include hotel costs.  We as a family are desperate because Triple Negative cancer is very aggressive and without treatment we all know the outcome.  PLEASE HELP US HEAL JACQIE!!!

If You are interested in helping please click on the link below.

Help Heal Jacqie Parks

Cockayne Syndrome awareness

Jax Joseph Steinberg came into our lives during the early hours of September 8th, 2013. After almost ten months of a very long, tiresome and complicated pregnancy; we were overjoyed to finally meet our new little baby boy. And little he is- weighing in at 4lbs 9.7oz and only 16in long at birth, Jax’s presence in our life has proven to be nothing short of a miracle.

After three short days of life, Jax was admitted to the NICU, where he spent a week receiving IV fluids and oxygen. A team of specialists watched over him while they ran blood tests and scans. After a failed vision test, four failed hearing tests, cataracts found in both eyes, low blood sugar and platelets, high red blood cell count, an enlarged malfunctioning liver, contracted muscles and tight joints, the doctors continued ruling out causes for all of Jax’s medical anomalies, making him more and more of a mystery.  Eventually, the only thing left to do was to seek the consult of a genetics specialist. A panel of tests, a dozen appointments and four weeks later, we received a diagnosis- Cockayne Syndrome.

Cockayne Syndrome (CS) is an extremely rare genetic disorder that occurs in only two per million children born in the world. It can cause a number of symptoms that include vision and hearing loss, small size, growth and development delays, and sensitivity to sunlight. The genetic mutation affects the cell’s repair process and leads to this incurable, fatal condition. In other words, Jax’s cells will not repair themselves properly, if at all, which leads to growth failure and premature aging.

CS is a spectrum disorder and can present itself at a few different stages of life. The congenital type is known as CS Type II and is considered more serious. The form of Type II that Jax has is called cerebro-oculo-facio-skeletal syndrome, or COFS syndrome, which is even more rare, presenting with prenatal symptoms. Yes, our little bambino has a rare form of an extremely rare syndrome- we always knew he would be one of a kind! His symptoms will become more severe and he will need constant, extensive care.

Unfortunately, the prognosis is devastatingly short for our Jax, the average for a child with COFS just two years old. Because there are so few people with COFS, it is hard to narrow down exactly what kind of life Jax will have. We know that it will involve surgery to fix his cataracts, dozens of doctor’s appointments, unconditional love and a strong, supportive circle of family and friends.

Jax is our son, grandson, nephew, brother. We have come a long way down this bumpy, untraveled road. At 5 weeks old, he no longer needs an oxygen tank and has hit 5lbs 4.8 oz! We are so proud of Jax and will continue to give updates about his condition. Our hope is you will all join the fight to bring awareness to Cockayne Syndrome and COFS syndrome. We can all help give Jax the best life that every child deserves and make sure his short stay with us leaves a lasting impression in medicine and in our hearts. 

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Keith Brunner – FNFT working out of the Causeway yard in Tampa

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