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Collective Bargaining Agreement between IBEW 824 and Comcast

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Please click on the link below to review the Collective Bargaining Agreement Between IBEW 824 and Comcast-


Comcast DSR's win first Contract

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Congratulations to our Comcast DSR's who came out in great numbers last night to vote on the tentative agreement reached between the Union and Comcast last week. The DSR's voted to ratify this first agreement highlights of which include: 

Significant restrictions on contracting out.

"Just Cause" protections against unfair discipline.

Labor-Management Committee consisting of 3 DSR's and 1 union official to deal with concerns surrounding sales quotas, turf assignments, installation delays, ect.

"Me Too" agreement for the sales comp plan in non-represented areas. Negotiation for potential severance packages to begin in 90 days.

Grievance and Arbitration procedure.  

Special thanks to Francisco, Debra, and Volney for their invaluable assistance on the bargaining team.


Tentative Agreement has been reached

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After many months of bargaining, we are pleased to report that today we have successfully reached a tentative agreement with Comcast. Next Monday, September 28th at 7:30pm a contract ratification meeting will be held to discuss the new contract and to conduct a vote to accept. The meeting will be held in the Monarch room at the Courtyard Marriott 14500 SW 29th St. Miramar, Fl 33027.

You must be present at the meeting to vote on the contract.

We have appreciated your patience and support during the long bargaining process and look forward to seeing you next Monday.

Your Bargaining Committee 

Bargaining Update 18

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In an effort to reach a fair and equitable agreement, negotiations between the Union and the Company will resume next Tuesday September 22nd. Following the meeting, we will email an update on any progress that is made. 

We appreciate your support, 

Your Bargaining Committee

Bargaining Update 17

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The Union and Company met yesterday and today in an effort to reach a fair contract for Comcast DSR’s. Much of the discussion concerned the Sales Compensation Plan and no agreement has been reached at this time. However, the parties are still in discussions over this issue.

We would like thank Francisco Cou for serving on the bargaining committee during yesterday and today’s bargaining sessions.

As additional information becomes available this website will be updated.


Your Bargaining Committee

Bargaining Update 16

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The Union and the Company met for a total of 3 sessions today to resume bargaining. Discussions took place regarding the Unions proposals on the DSR turf protection, no knock exception, Charge Back Exemption, Sales Success Plan-Order Cancellation. A tentative agreement was reached regarding Sales Cancellation Report and Review. The Union also presented an Interim Agreement proposal that stated until an agreement on a final contract has been reached and ratified, the parties agree that all DSR’s will be eligible for the same severance packages and sales compensation plan improvements offered to non-union employees in the Florida region. The company is reviewing the proposal and will respond during the next meeting.

 After several discussions last week, the Union and the Company agreed, that in light of the distractions of the past month, the Company will not be progressing employees in the SSP for the period ending in June. The company will revisit the month ending in July once those numbers are in.

 We would like to thank Francisco Cou for serving on the bargaining committee during today’s bargaining sessions. 

Your Bargaining Committee



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As most of you are aware, the National Labor Relations Board has postponed the election that was to be held on July 1, 2015 while the Board investigates the charges that were filed relating to ABBR adjustments and threatening statements made to employees regarding the election.  It is our understanding that Comcast has implied that the Union is attempting to inhibit the DSR’s from voting in this election.  That statement is blatantly false.  The Union wholeheartedly supports the legal right of all employees to vote for or against representation, however, an employee cannot truly exercise their right to  vote while under threat or intimidation by either side.  It is the NLRB’s responsibility to uphold the rule of law and ensure that all representation elections are done fairly and legally.  

The Union will continue its efforts to reach a full and final agreement with Comcast.  

Please feel free to contact us with your thoughts or concerns,  

Danny Alfonso- (941) 737-6820  dalfonso [at] ibew824 [dot] org


Kevin Curran- (202) 728-6220  Kevin_Curran [at] IBEW [dot] org


Bargaining Update #15

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The Union and the Company met yesterday via teleconference.  The Union presented several proposals to Comcast regarding the sales compensation plan and sales success plan including:

DSR Turf Protection

“No Knock” Areas

Chargebacks for Disconnections for Customer Non-Payment

Sales Cancellation Report and Review

Sales Success Plan Exemptions for Order Cancellations

In addition, late yesterday the Union filed charges with the National Labor Relations Board against Comcast related to the ABBR adjustments and threatening statements made to employees regarding the election. 


Comcast Direct Sales Reps Meetings

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                           COMCAST DIRECT SALES REPS




                                    Residence Inn By Marriott

                                             14700 Hotel Rd

                                          Miramar, FL 33027

               Date: Sunday June 28               Date: Monday June 29

           Time:  2p-4p or 6p-8p         Time: 2p-4p or 6p-8p 

                                      For additional information contact  LU 824 at 813 626-5136        


Bargaining Update # 14

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The Union and the Company met again yesterday in an attempt to reach a fair and equitable agreement for the Direct Sales Representatives. The primary focus was on the sales compensation plan proposal. We would like to thank Francisco Cou for being part of the committee and participating in the bargaining process. Also during negotiations we submitted a proposal that would limit the amount of contractors the Company could hire to perform DSR work. A conference call has been scheduled for all DSR’s on Tuesday April 7th at 8pm to give a more extensive update.


We look forward to speaking with you then,


Your Bargaining Committee


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