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1st Annual Letters to Our Soldiers

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EWMC Florida is working with an organization to write Christmas cards to our
soldiers. They will forward the messages to the men and women either on active duty
or retired. We are trying to send 1,000 Christmas cards by December 31, 2011 and
need you support in writing the cards.

Guidelines for Cards
• Any size card will be acceptedDo not put letters in individual envelopes. Send
multiple letters together in the same envelope or box.• Please do not use glitter on
cards and no envelopes please (Only the cards are mailed)
• Military personnel love to communicate, so you can include your name, address or
e-mail address
• Photos must be appropriate
• The more positive the message the better! Care should be taken not to refer to
anything that may cause grief or uneasiness to the military reader who may be
serving on active duty
• Please DO NOT express your political views in the letters. If you are against the
War please DO NOT write this to the soldiers. The last thing these soldiers need is
criticism about their job

If you are interested in writing cards to soldier; please contact Grace Smith at
bjajose1 [at] verizon [dot] net. There will be a box at December General Meeting to drop of
your cards or letters. Deadline for 1,000 Cards is December 31st