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3rd Quarter Surplus/Bumping

*** UPDATE ***

As of Tuesday, November 23rd, the 3rd quarter surplus/bumping seems to finally be completed.  There will be a grievance filed on one outstanding issue regarding the "bump", but the "bumps" were done by seniority and all employees except 3 have moved to their new positions.  If any affected member has a question in regards to this process, please contact the Union Hall.

*** ***

As stated earlier, the employees affected by the 3rd quarter surplus are moving to their new positions on Monday, November 23rd.  On Friday, November 13th, we were notified that a couple employees were denied one of their choices that they should have been awarded and therefore some members are no longer being bumped and have been notified as such.  As of 6 pm this evening, Labor Relations still did not have an updated roster of where some members will be going on Monday.  We will be reviewing the final roster of ALL the bumps once it is complete to ensure everyone was awarded the positions that they chose.  Once we have reviewed the final roster, the members that have contacted the Hall will be notified.