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About COPE


COPE stands for Committee On Political Education and is the nonpartisan political arm of IBEW Local 824. The purpose of the committee is to solicit and receive voluntary political contributions from members of the local union and such other persons and organizations in accordance with law and to make expenditures and contributions solely for non-federal state and local election activity deemed by the committee to be in the best interest of the local union.

The IBEW COPE is funded by volunteer contributions from Local Union members from every state in the country.



  • Is combined with contributions of other Local 824 IBEW Union members to make your political voice stronger. Your small contribution becomes a part of a much larger force, which helps to create valuable allies to fight anti working person and anti family legislation and laws such as the Right-To-Work, Workers Compensation, OSHA, Striker Replacement and Family Leave.
  • Is divided between the International COPE Committee in Washington, D.C., and a Local 824 IBEW Cope Committee. The International Cope Committee can legally give funds to candidates for national offices; while the local COPE Committee disburses funds to local and state political candidates.
  • Is distributed to candidates who request our support and who have demonstrated their support of working men and women regardless of the political party to which they belong.
  • Has been used to support our members, fellow union brothers and sisters, and other candidates in their efforts to win races for mayor, city councils, state legislator, state senator, and governor of our respective states.
  • Has been used by the International COPE committee to support many federal candidates in Florida who have demonstrated their support for you and your family.


With the present state of the economy and the attitudes of people in general towards politics, our COPE contributions represent great support to the efforts of the democratic and political process of our government. We must strive to get all of our members participating in our COPE program so that we can generate more funds to help get the political people elected who will support the labor movement and what it stands for.


We need your support. Sign up for COPE, become involved and work with us to eliminate legislators who are antiunion and anti-worker. The majority of our endorsed candidates have fewer dollars to spend than their competition.



  1. Contact your local steward to sign a COPE check off card.
  2. Register to Vote.
  3. Find out who your state senator and representative are and investigate to see if they seem to represent your issues.


Help your COPE Committee support candidates who care about you. Sign up for COPE today.


As your new COPE Chairperson I would like to encourage any members who are  
interested in pushing for positive legislative change for working people to  
come to the meetings which are held on the same day as the general meetings  
at 6:30pm.

Meetings are open to any member who wishes to attend. There are no dues;  
however we strongly encourage all IBEW 824 members to fill out a COPE  
contribution card for any amount you feel appropriate to assist in the  
efforts of your brothers and sisters who volunteer their time on everyone’s