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Announced Surplus/ISP Offerings

Late yesterday afternoon, we were notified of a surplus in the following classifications and that the affected groups would be offered an ISP:

Assignor/Dispatcher (Jim Welford - Manager)   1 of 2 - will be Voluntary

Business Response Generalist (Jim Welford - Manager)   2 of 43 - will be Voluntary

Business Office Clerk (CSSC)   1 of 3 - will be Involuntary

Facility Provisioning Specialist (Clearwater and Tampa)   6 of 23 - will be Voluntary

CZT I (NPC - Temple Terrace)   1 of 13 - will be Voluntary

All employees in the above classifications/workgroups will have info mailed to them.  The window will open on May 20th and close on June 2nd.  For those electing to leave the Company, the off-property date will be June 18th.

If anyone in the above classifcations/workgroups does not receive their packets by May 20th, please contact your HR Rep.