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Book Collection for our Troops

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During the month of October we will be collecting paperback books.

Scheduled Book Collections
The first day of collection will be Friday  October 7th  at the General Meeting
The second collection will be Monday October 31th.
We are asking  members to work together with their friends and customers to collect 1000 books for troops.

Currently the community can make drop offs with our business partners:
Andrews Sisters & Mercedes Salon  Tampa
Classic Salon Tampa
This is a club interaction project and we will be working together with other groups to make this happen.  As of September 26th we have collected 287 books for troops.

What Types of Books?
We are looking specifically for action adventure, mystery, suspense, history, science fiction, true crime & fantasy. We cannot accept religious texts, books on the apocalypse or pornography. We already have a lot of chic lit so please hold on to that till our next collection.

Postage Donations Also Welcome
If you are unable to collect books in your workplace but can place a small container for postage donations, please feel free to do so. The cost of shipping 20 books to Afghanistan is $12.40.