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BSWG Tentative Agreement

Today the Union and Company reached a Tentative Agreement on a new 3-year agreement for the Buried Service Wire Group.  Kevin Curran, the International Representative who chaired the Union's Committee would like to thank all of the BSW members that attended the Bargaining Information meetings that were held at the Union Hall during this process.

The following are the changes to the Collective Bargaining Agreement that will be voted on by the BSW Members:

  • 3-year agreement                    (previously 4-year agreement)
  • Bereavement                           (add Great-Grandparent)  **This will also apply to the Verizon Florida, Verizon Livesource and Verizon Supply contracts
  • Dental Plan                             (Company will increase their contribution for dependents from 50% to 80% - 30% savings to employees, same as Core CBA)
  • Holidays                                  (add Day after Thanksgiving and 1 additional Personal Day with 2 hr increments)
  • Layoff Letter                           (allows Union to be notified in advance of possible layoffs and allows Union to discuss options other than layoff -

                                                      currently Company does not have to discuss options with the Union)

  • MOA's                                      (all MOA's not addressed here remain as they currently are)
  • Medical Plan                            (add Out-of-Network coverage for Substance Abuse and Mental Health, same as Core CBA)
  • LTD                                         (change from 12 to 18 months for monthly benefits, same as Core CBA)
  • Pension Minimums                    (increase amounts, same as Core CBA)
  • Pension Plan Survivor               (change to language in Core CBA)
  • TIP                                           (new incentive plan)
  • Termination Bonus                   (allows for $10,000 payment in addition to any ISP, same as Core CBA)
  • Wages                                       (2.75% each year of CBA for total 8.25%, same as Core CBA)

Ballots should begin to be mailed out by Monday, March 14th.  All BSW members should make sure that the Union Hall has your correct address on file so you will receive a ballot.  An email will be sent to all BSW members once the ballots have been mailed.