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EWMC (Electrical Workers’ Minority Caucus)

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The EWMC is a powerful National Organization within the IBEW and is open to ALL members of the IBEW. It has been said it is the IBEW’s best kept secret because many or most of our members aren’t aware of it or what it’s about, even though it has been around since 1974!
The EWMC serves as a support/networking system and provides education and training for it’s members. The membership reflects a broad-based coalition of dedicated IBEW men and women who work within the IBEW structure to forge changes to benefit minorities and the entire IBEW membership. An annual meeting happens in January every year and it’s a good way for the Local EWMC delegates to meet other IBEW Brothers and Sisters from around the U.S. and Canada to exchange ideas about the challenges our Unions face.
Our own EWMC Florida Chapter was formed 10 years ago and is in the process of moving forward by helping our Local Communities here in City of Tampa and communities. We want the communities we work and live in to be aware of us and who we are. It is our goal to make a positive difference any way we can. When IBEW Local 824 helps people, the public notices, and that goes a long way to changing the image of us as Union workers.
But first, we need members in our Local to step up and join us, or at least meet with us or attend one of our meetings at the hall on the 3rd Monday of each month. It is a fun way to get involved and be part of planning the events we have coming up this year.
Bowling - We are planning a fun night of Bowling for members and their families in order to get together in a family setting and get to know one another. All members and their spouses/significant others and children are invited. Date still to be determined
If anyone is interested in any one of the events listed above or if you just need more information about the Charter, contact Sister Smith at bjajose1 [at] verizon [dot] net