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Friday, August 14th, 2009

This afternoon a meeting was held with my staff and Kwame Trotman and Joe Lambrana. 

The first topic of discussion was the Circuit Repair Group (T&P), where the Union explained that this work is and always has been a job function of a Customer Zone Technician II (CZT II).  We explained all the reasons why this work needs to go back to the CZT II's and we will get a response early next week.  If the company does bring the work back to the proper classification, they will have tours that run 24 hours just as they do for the new group that was formed.  We will notify the Chiefs if and when a decision has been made.

Next we talked about the employees that have been on-loan for more than 180 days and were told that the Company is in the process of moving those employees back to their original work group.  In regards to this subject, we stated that we have employees who have been on-loan to various classifications, in some cases, for several years.  It seems to us, that we may possibly need to create a couple new job titles, and free up some slots for other employees that may be looking for openings in the near future.  We also explained that we need to do everything possible to find positions for members that may be affected by the current surplus or any future surplus.  Further discussions on this issue will be occuring soon.

Part of the 180 day on-loan also includes the CORE Splicer Fluid work group.  There are quite a few in this group that have been performing CZT II work for 3 continous years, working the predominant tour, Monday through Friday.  The Union did NOT request the Company place the Fluid work group on a Saturday rotation.  What we requested, and will continue working on, is to have CZT II positions filled, either through volunteers or by bid.  This will relieve the amount of Saturdays worked by the CZT II classification and help the Splicers go back to their Monday through Friday work week.  Hopefully, we can resolve this issue soon and will update the website when we have more information.

We also talked about the tours for the CZT II's thoughout the Company.  The tours were changed from 7:30-4 to 8-4:30 a couple of months ago.  Kwame stated that he would look at changing the tours back after the rainy season has ended.  As our CBA states - Article V, Section 2, paragraph 2.1 - ...The Company shall have the right to schedule all work periods and the starting and ending time of each.  You can see that the tours are not a grievable item, but the Company knows that we want to have the tours changed back to start at 7:30.

We have made some headway in regards to the discipline meted out for grounding and bonding.  There are a few details that need to be worked out, which should occur next week and then the affected employees will be notified.

Another issue that is hopefully resolved has to do with overtime and callout.  Over the last couple of years, when the Company has called for OT or callout, the employee would be notified on his Company cell phone instead of being notified at home.  The calls should begin coming to your home phone or your personal cell, whichever is listed with the Company as your contact number.  Please verify with your supervisor that they have your correct contact info.  Remember, the Company cell phone belongs to the Company.