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In late June, the Sell One More work that was being performed in the Wentzville office started transitioning to the FSRC located in St. Petersburg.  Members were being trained to take on this additional work in our Offline Center and as a result several issues needed to be addressed.  A meeting was held today with myself, Dan Wagner, Tina Tyler (Chief Steward) and Sue Jerome (steward) in attendance.  We were assured by management that the Reps performing this new task would NOT be required to sell, would NOT have a sales quota or a sales objective.  After a short period of time, this new function would have a coefficient assigned, just as other tasks in the center currently have.  Over the last couple of weeks, the Reps in this center have been receiving conflicting information regarding this new task.  Management agreed to start communicating this information to the members, beginning tomorrow. 

In Solidarity,

*** UPDATE ***

This afternoon (Wednesday, July 22nd), Val DeCastro, Manager of the FSRC notified me to say that she had scheduled 4 hours tomorrow to conduct the meetings in regards to the SOM issues that were discussed yesterday.