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GTE Federal Credit Union

The GTE Federal Credit Union has been a customer of GTE/Verizon for many, many years with our BZT I's installing and maintaining their equipment.  Recently, the GTEFCU has switched all of their data services and a large part of their voice services from Verizon to BrightHouse.  Many members have called the Union Hall to express their concerns over this move.  As you may or may not have known, IBEW 824 has several accounts with the GTEFCU, but we are actively reviewing other financial institutions (that use Verizon services and utilize our members skills) to transfer our accounts and will do so in the very near future.

Also, many members have notified us that they intend to relocate their personal accounts to another financial institution as well.  We would ask any member that intends to do this to verify that your new bank/credit union is a Verizon customer.