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Insect Awarness and Prevention - from the Safety Committee

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Due to abundance of rain this year we have had several employees contact us and express concerns over the increased activity of BEES, ANTS and the Southeast Market Area.  Employee’s have mentioned that the Bee , Wasp, Ant, and Spider  activity in some parts of Southeast has increased in Pedestals, Aerial Closures, BD Boxes, Right-Of-Ways etc.  In the past we have had several injuries related to Spider Bites. 


Rainbow "Insectape" (Item ID 527030) is a slow release insecticide that can be placed in terminals, cabinets, and pole mounted equipment.  This product requires you to peel and stick to any clean surface.  This product should keep bees, ants and wasp from making a home in any type of closure.  Vendor claims this product could be effective for 15 months.  (Make sure employees using these products follow Directions for Use and Precautionary Statements listed on each product by the vendor.)


Supervisors should also ask their employees if they have a high Allergy to Bee and Wasp stings.  This information can be very helpful in getting them prompt medical attention if they get stung.