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June 2010 Inside Plant Safety Meeting

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 Inside plant safety meeting report 

     On June 30th a joint Union/Company Inside Plant Safety meeting was held. The meeting started with a discussion on Hurricane preparedness not only for work but for home as well.

    Most of the discussion was concerning fire drills. The goal each year is to have at least one, unannounced, complete fire drill and one scheduled “partial” drill. The purpose for these drills will be to insure that everyone knows how to evacuate the building safely.

And that each employee knows where they need to meet once outside in order to have an accurate head count to ensure that everyone was out of the building and safe. It was discovered that there have been some buildings that have not had a fire drill for quite some time. We were assured that this will be corrected.

     The next inside plant meeting is tentatively scheduled for August 25th.

Whether you work in inside plant or outside plant remember:

   “The demands of the service or urgency of the job are never so great that we cannot take the time to perform our work safely”

If there are any safety concerns that need to be addressed please contact me

  In Solidarity,

  Danny Alfonso