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June 2010 Outside Plant Safety Meeting

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 Outside Plant- June Safety Meeting Summary 

      On June 16th a joint Union/Company safety meeting was held for outside plant. First on the agenda was the safety accident report where we discussed the injuries and vehicle accidents that have happened since our last meeting in April. Please remember to use the following safe driving habits:

·      Always wear your seat belt.

·      Never allow anything to distract you while driving - cell phone, radio etc.

·      Always use the three second rule when following another vehicle.

·      Avoid aggressive drivers. (over 40,000 accidents a year occur due to aggressive drivers)

    Also we discussed a job hazard analysis. This is a mind set that will help to ensure that the hazards are eliminated. It is a simple 3 step process:

1.    What is the job?

2.    What are the hazards associated with the job?

3.    What are the safeguards (PPE) needed to eliminate the hazard?

      We concluded the meeting with “What is the goal” of the safety committee? The focus should not be on an OSHA recordable accident report, Supervisor matrix or discipline. Our focus must be to ensure that “NOBODY GETS HURT”.

       The next meeting for outside plant is tentatively set for August 18th