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Membership Training

We had our first Membership/Code of Excellence Training class at the Hall yesterday with 37 members in attendance.  The history and structure of our local union, workers' rights, contractual issues and questions, and obligations of union members were among the subjects discussed.  The feedback from the members' who participated was totally positive with comments such as these:  "This training class was well organized and executed...the education of members as to the workings and importance of the union was well worth the input effort."  "Worthwhile for ALL members to attend." "The 'how to' be a good union member exercise was good."  

We received several calls at the Hall today from members who have already heard about the first class and want to attend as soon as possible.  The next class will be on the 23rd of September and we have weekly classes already on the books throughout October.  If you would like to have your name added to attend an upcoming class, please contact a Rep at the Hall.