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Minimum Additional Training Arbitration

We received the Arbitrator's decision late Friday and the decision was in favor of the Company.  What the results of this decision mean to every member is not totally clear at this point.  I spoke with Tim Smith, VP of the Southeast Operations late Friday night and we have a meeting tentatively scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.  We will be discussing every available option for the FNFT's who were declared surplus earlier this year.  We will be talking to the Officers and Chief Stewards after this meeting and then updating the website again as well.


*** Update ***

The meeting between the Union and Company will be on Wednesday (Sept 30th) afternoon.  An update will follow.

*** Update ***

After several discussions late this afternoon with Labor Relations, the meeting was postponed until Friday morning.  The reason for the delay is to review all available options for the employees who were to be force adjusted/laid off on September 18th.  After the meeting, an update will be posted.

After several discussions and emails from members who are being force adjusted/laid off within the Inside Plant, we have been a part of every discussion concerning these surpluses as well.  Secondary "bumps" have already occurred and the 3rd "bump" is forthcoming.  We are a part of this process to make sure the Company abides by the Collective Bargaining Agreement and to answer contractual questions from the members involved.  If you are told that you are being "bumped", please make sure that your union steward is present or call the union hall.