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NEW Verizon Gas Cards

On July 23rd a conference call took place with the members of the TCC II.  Most of the conversation dealt with the potential sale of Verizon properties to Frontier.  In several states, the IBEW and the CWA and various citizens watch groups are challenging the sale.  When more information becomes available, I will post on this site. 

Also, Myles Calvey, President of the TCC II discussed the new Verizon gas cards.  Myles was assured by Verizon that there was NO personal employee information associated with the card.  The following information was also shared in regards to the new card:

  • Card can be used for any vehicle # in the system.
  • All gas stations that were used previously can still be used.
  • No VZID on card.
  • Cards are state specific (cannot use a Florida card in Virginia, etc…)
  • Old cards are still usable until August 2nd, unless any issues come about with the new cards. 
  • No contract between employee and gas companies (contract is between Voyager and Verizon)
Hopefully this clears up any concerns with using the new cards.