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Paystub Changes

As part of an overall Company payroll consolidation, the paystubs that employees receive have been redesigned and will have a standard format. You will receive a prototype of this stub once it becomes available. Please be assured that all state required information has been retained on the stub.


With the development of the consolidated payroll system, employees will be able to access and print their new paystubs two days prior to their pay day. For those employees who have their pay direct deposit, their paystubs will be available on-line for access either from work or home. If the employee needs a paper copy of the paystub, they will be instructed to contact Payroll Services to make that request. Payroll Services will ensure that the employees records reflect the change for all future paystubs.     


Currently, employees can direct their pay to up to 4 different bank accounts. With this enhanced system they will be able to direct their pay to 10 different bank accounts.


Employees will receive a communication advising them about the redesigned paystub and these other changes in early February 2010. They will be directed to contact the VSO Payroll Services through the About You website or to call 1-800-932-7947 if they have questions about these payroll processing changes.