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Paystub Changes

Ever since the Company changed the paystubs several years ago, the Union had been requesting that the paystubs actually reflect the amount of overtime hours worked, holidays, etc..  On January 10th, I posted on this site that changes were forthcoming for all Verizon paystubs.  We received a copy of what the new stub will look like and the different categories that will be shown.  Below is a partial breakdown of what will be on the new stubs:

Regular pay
Overtime pay
Excused day off (DAT/FH)

The good thing about the new beakdown is that you will actually be able to look at your stub and verify that the amount of hours worked, including overtime and holidays is correct.  Currently, you have to look at the total amount of hours worked and figure out how many hours were base pay, overtime and holidays. 

We were told that the paystub changes will be in effect with the April 30th payday.