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On November 4, 2009 the Union and Verizon held a Joint Safety meeting.

We discussed several recent accidents involving technicians in the field who were involved in rear ending other vehicles.
Their was an accident this past week involving a field technician who fell from an extension ladder while working on a mid span. The technician was seriously hurt, and is currently hospitalized due to the injuries suffered from this fall.

MDU/MTU work is causing a great deal of safety concerns for our members at this time. The primary issue is this: Most of this work is aloft on the side of a multi story building. The technicians are unable to safely belt off to protect themselves in the event of a fall. We discussed using a scissor lift, but in many situations that wouldn't work. The company is in the process of finding a product such as ladder stabilizers that can help keep the ladder and member stabilized to cut down on the risk of a fall.

I'd like to remind everyone that safety is each individual's responsibility…if you don't feel safe, DON'T DO IT!!! Call your coach, and if that doesn't fix the situation, call the Hall.

In Solidarity,
John Glye Jr.