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St. Pete Main Building

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St. Pete Main OSHA health hazard complaint investigation

On July 20th 2010 an anonymous complaint was filed with OSHA concerning health hazards in the St. Pete main building. The alleged hazards were:

1 Employees are exposed to respiratory hazard from the construction dust and;

2- Employees are exposed to eye hazard from the construction dust and debris.

On Thursday July 22nd an on site meeting was held with Kevin Cantero (Verizon Safety Director), Dean Fogo (Verizon real estate), Bill Delk (Building Maintenance Tech) and I. We contacted the general contractor, Mark Scott who performed the work in question. Mark explained that the carpet on the 3rd floor had been removed on June 8th through June 18th. It was verified that the carpet did not contain asbestos. He also explained on June 28 and 29th there was a wall removed in an office on the 6th floor. This work was performed after 6:00pm on those dates.

Following the meeting Dee Dee Kennicutt (FSRC section manager) joined us for an inspection of each floor. On the 6th floor where the wall had been removed there were no signs of construction dust or debris. The work is completed and the office, in which the wall was removed, is now occupied. On the 3rd floor where the carpet was removed, new carpet was placed and there was no evidence of dust or debris. In addition to the carpet being removed, walls were erected. The walls were prefabricated to fit into place, which did not require any cutting of the ceiling tiles or the newly placed carpet. The other floors, were also, free of any construction dust or debris.

Bill Delk also escorted us to the air condition control room and removed the filters, which showed only a normal condition. He also explained that each floor is isolated, which therefore limits the possibility of dust or debris from one floor contaminating another.

In conclusion, there is still some minor work being done on the 3rd floor break room and restrooms. This work will not be causing a hazards dust condition. With that said, please refrain from using the break room or the restrooms on the 3rd floor.

        In Solidarity,

     Danny Alfonso