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Surplus and Upgrades

We were hoping that we did not have any surplus announcements for the 1st quarter, but we received notification this morning that we would have a surplus of 1 General Clerk, located in a Tampa Verizon Plus store.

The 5 General Clerks in the Verizon Plus stores, located in Tampa, will be notified today and the package will be mailed on March 1st, 2010.  The Election period opens on March 5th and closes on March 18th, with a separation date of March 27th, 2010. 

On Wednesday, March 24th, we posted on the website 10 new job openings in Wage Schedule A, Design Technician.  Today, we agreed to upgrade the 7 Business Response Generalist in the Tampa MCO (Wage Schedule C1), to Business Response Specialists (Wage Schedule A) upon successful completion of all applicable testing.  In addition, there will be 7 more Specialist positions put up for bid. 

Final results for the 1st quarter will show 1 General Clerk surplus. On the positive side, we will add 24 new wage schedule A positions and 5 new wage schedule E positions.  Members who were in the bumping process from the announced 4th quarter surplus filled the 5 wage schedule E positions.  By using the 5 E wage schedule positions, 5 other members did not have to be bumped into other positions. 

We are reviewing all the bumps that originated from the 4th quarter (2009) surplus to see if any corrections need to be made.  We will update the website shortly afterwards.