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Surplus announced July 23rd, 2009

This afternoon, the Union was notified of a new surplus within several classifications.   Meetings will be held with the employees in the effected classifications on Friday, July 24th.  An Income Security Plan (ISP) will be offered to all employees within the effected classifications.  The ISP language can be found in the Collective Bargaining Agreement starting on page 120.  The ISP package will be mailed to all employees in the effected classifications tomorrow, July 24th.  (More information regarding the ISP can be found in another article on the Union's home page.)  The window for the ISP opens on July 31st and closes on August 13th.  The last day on property for those that elect to take the ISP will be August 29th, 2009.  If you are in an effected classification and DO NOT receive a package, please call Verizon Labor Relations at 813.483.2246.

*** UPDATE ***

Click on the link to view the classifications involved in the ISP/Surplus