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Thursday, July 23rd

This morning we met with the new Vice-President of Operations, Tim Smith, for the Florida Region.  The discussions centered on the Union and the Company working together to retain work in our Region and also to gain more work to keep our members employed here in Florida.

New marketing strategies were discussed, with the focus on winning back customers that have left Verizon and also on gaining new customers to the FIOS network.  We spoke about all the issues that you are already aware of (billing, IVRU, etc…) that still need some work.  I advised the Company this morning that the Union wants to work with the Company, and we have heard the word “flexibility” too much in the past and that the membership needs to see that the Company is willing to work with them as well.

Since Tim Smith is V.P of Operations, we brought up the following issues to him:

T&P (Circuit Repair Group)
Equalization of Overtime
Regional Dispatching
180 day On-Loan

Last week, we spoke with the Chief Stewards to find out what they thought the top issues in their areas were and that is how this list was devised.  When I have more information, I will post on the site.

In Solidarity,