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VZLife/EAP Changes

Anthem to Provide Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Services in 2011

Beginning January 1,2011, Anthem will replace Value Options as Verizon's provider of EAP (Employee Assistance Program) and work/life services.  Anthem's Web site and phone number will also replace VZ-LIFE as the point of contact for Verizon's associates to access these benefits. More information concerning Anthem's complete offerings will be sent to you in the first quarter.

Please make a note of the new EAP and work/life services contact information. Contact Anthem at 888.441.8674 or visit www. for free confidential assistance 24/7 from the
team of qualified EAP experts. Anthem can help you cope with many work/life and EAP needs including:

- Ways to manage challenges in both your personal and work life
- Interactive search tools to locate child and elder care in your area
- Health database powered bye Web MD
- Financial calculators to help plan for major purchases or life events
- Practical tips on topics such safety, traveling and pets
- Eligibility for up to five free counseling sessions with a licensed therapist
- Discounted financial and legal advise

If you have already received a referral for counseling sessions from VZ-LIFE in 2010, you may complete these session with your current counselor. As of January 1st authorizations for EAP counseling will be managed by Anthem.