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Eastern FNFT's

The Company notified the Union in writing last week that there would be a force adjustment of 15 FNFT's from Eastern Division, which would have taken effect Monday, May 22nd.  We were hopeful that with the Company now providing Orlando local television stations to customers in Polk County, orders would increase and the force adjustment would be called off or delayed.  Order activity has increased, so the force adjustment has been cancelled as of today.  The order activity and headcount of FNFT's in Eastern will be re-evaluated in approximately 30 days.  We will keep you notified.


The Company notified us today that due to the lack of work for the FNFT's in Eastern Division, the force adjustment mentioned above will take effect on Sunday, July 10th.  In the next couple days, FNFT's will be notified where they will report next month.

Special Events Team

The Company notified us today that they intend to create a separate work group of FNFT's to staff the Special Events Team.  All FNFT's region-wide will be canvassed, by seniority, to fill these positions.  The canvass is to begin on Friday and end next Wednesday, June 29th.  There will be 1 work group with 2 reporting locations - Seminole work center in Pinellas County and Causeway work center in Hillsborough County.

Announced Surplus/ISP Offerings

Late yesterday afternoon, we were notified of a surplus in the following classifications and that the affected groups would be offered an ISP:

Assignor/Dispatcher (Jim Welford - Manager)   1 of 2 - will be Voluntary

Business Response Generalist (Jim Welford - Manager)   2 of 43 - will be Voluntary

Business Office Clerk (CSSC)   1 of 3 - will be Involuntary

Facility Provisioning Specialist (Clearwater and Tampa)   6 of 23 - will be Voluntary

CZT I (NPC - Temple Terrace)   1 of 13 - will be Voluntary

All employees in the above classifications/workgroups will have info mailed to them.  The window will open on May 20th and close on June 2nd.  For those electing to leave the Company, the off-property date will be June 18th.

If anyone in the above classifcations/workgroups does not receive their packets by May 20th, please contact your HR Rep.

2nd Annual Solidarity Day at the Trop

The 2nd annual Solidarity Day at the Trop will be on Sunday, August 21, 2011 with the Rays hosting the Seattle Mariners.  Please click on the RAYS link for ticket info.  Remember, if you want to sit with your friends in the same row please provide your information at the same time.

2011 Kindness Campaign

Our Local Union and Verizon are working together on the 2011 Kindness Campaign.  Working together, we will be assisting many families within the Tampa Bay area be able to put food on their tables.  All of our donations will be going to the Feeding America Tampa Bay, which is the nation's largest charitable domestic hunger relief organization.  The Tampa Bay chapter works with fellow food banks and various food distribution networks to feed over 400,000 people in our area.

We are asking every member to participate by bringing non-perishable food items to one of the following locations:  Tampa Main building, Tampa EAX, Westside CO, St. Pete Main, any Verizon Plus store or a work center when you come to work.  Collection bins have been placed in all of those locations. 

This is an excellent opportunity, as Union Members and employees of Verizon, to show that we care about the communities that we live in.  There will be advertisements in the newspaper that state that IBEW and Verizon are involved in this community event.  Excerpts from the print ad:

It's a powerful promise that can bring hope to the hundreds of thousands of people in the Tampa Bay area who rely on food donations from Feeding America Tampa Bay for their meals. 

Join the members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 824 and employees of Verizon to give the gift of Kindness.  We can all do it.  Today!

There is also a commercial running on chanel 8 (NBC) and periodically throughout the FIOS network stating the same. (If you have not seen the commercial, you can email your Rep at the hall and they will email you a copy)

Buried Service Wire Group Contract

On Friday, April 1st, Buried Wire technicians in Local 824 and Local 543 voted to ratify a new 3-year agreement.  The agreement is retroactive to March 13th, 2011.

IBEW Unity Fund

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers has established a Unity Fund to help Union brothers and sisters across our country defend our UNION way of life against the attacks by legislatures in many states.  To read and/or contribute, please click on the pdf file.

BSWG Tentative Agreement

Today the Union and Company reached a Tentative Agreement on a new 3-year agreement for the Buried Service Wire Group.  Kevin Curran, the International Representative who chaired the Union's Committee would like to thank all of the BSW members that attended the Bargaining Information meetings that were held at the Union Hall during this process.

The following are the changes to the Collective Bargaining Agreement that will be voted on by the BSW Members:

  • 3-year agreement                    (previously 4-year agreement)
  • Bereavement                           (add Great-Grandparent)  **This will also apply to the Verizon Florida, Verizon Livesource and Verizon Supply contracts
  • Dental Plan                             (Company will increase their contribution for dependents from 50% to 80% - 30% savings to employees, same as Core CBA)
  • Holidays                                  (add Day after Thanksgiving and 1 additional Personal Day with 2 hr increments)
  • Layoff Letter                           (allows Union to be notified in advance of possible layoffs and allows Union to discuss options other than layoff -

                                                      currently Company does not have to discuss options with the Union)

  • MOA's                                      (all MOA's not addressed here remain as they currently are)
  • Medical Plan                            (add Out-of-Network coverage for Substance Abuse and Mental Health, same as Core CBA)
  • LTD                                         (change from 12 to 18 months for monthly benefits, same as Core CBA)
  • Pension Minimums                    (increase amounts, same as Core CBA)
  • Pension Plan Survivor               (change to language in Core CBA)
  • TIP                                           (new incentive plan)
  • Termination Bonus                   (allows for $10,000 payment in addition to any ISP, same as Core CBA)
  • Wages                                       (2.75% each year of CBA for total 8.25%, same as Core CBA)

Ballots should begin to be mailed out by Monday, March 14th.  All BSW members should make sure that the Union Hall has your correct address on file so you will receive a ballot.  An email will be sent to all BSW members once the ballots have been mailed.

IBEW Founders Scholarship

Dear Sisters and Brothers:


The IBEW Founders’ Scholarship honors the dedicated wiremen and lineman who organized the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Each year the officers of the IBEW are pleased to offer its working members scholarships on a competitive basis. It is hoped that the awards will not only contribute to the personal development of our members but also steward the electrical industry that our founders envisioned. An application for the IBEW Founders’ Scholarship is available and can be copied from the IBEW website ( In an effort to make the IBEW Founders’ Scholarship as inclusive as possible, we no longer require applicants to take the SAT or ACT to be eligible.


All IBEW members who have been in continuous good standing for four years preceding May 1 of the scholarship year in which they plan to apply are eligible for the IBEW Founders’ Scholarship. Please note, if a member has been on honorary withdrawal at any time during the aforementioned period, he/she will not be eligible to participate.


Spouses or children of IBEW members are not eligible for the IBEW Founders’ Scholarship. Union Plus has a scholarship that is available for IBEW members, as well as their spouses and dependent children. Please visit the Union Plus website ( for more information about other scholarship opportunities.


I encourage all interested eligible members to participate in the IBEW Founders’ Scholarship Program. Please make the Founders’ Scholarship opportunity known to your members and urge them to apply.


With best wishes, I am


Fraternally yours,


Edwin D. Hill

International President

VZLife/EAP Changes

Anthem to Provide Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Services in 2011

Beginning January 1,2011, Anthem will replace Value Options as Verizon's provider of EAP (Employee Assistance Program) and work/life services.  Anthem's Web site and phone number will also replace VZ-LIFE as the point of contact for Verizon's associates to access these benefits. More information concerning Anthem's complete offerings will be sent to you in the first quarter.

Please make a note of the new EAP and work/life services contact information. Contact Anthem at 888.441.8674 or visit www. for free confidential assistance 24/7 from the
team of qualified EAP experts. Anthem can help you cope with many work/life and EAP needs including:

- Ways to manage challenges in both your personal and work life
- Interactive search tools to locate child and elder care in your area
- Health database powered bye Web MD
- Financial calculators to help plan for major purchases or life events
- Practical tips on topics such safety, traveling and pets
- Eligibility for up to five free counseling sessions with a licensed therapist
- Discounted financial and legal advise

If you have already received a referral for counseling sessions from VZ-LIFE in 2010, you may complete these session with your current counselor. As of January 1st authorizations for EAP counseling will be managed by Anthem.

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