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Change to IPP/ISP Packages

Employees who will be offered an IPP/ISP package after July 20th, 2009 will continue to receive personalized information in the mail at their homes.  The information contained in those packages will be as follows:
  • personalized notification letter
  • individual computation sheet (if applicable)
  • volunteer form
  • vacation buyout form
The personalized notification letter will direct employees to a website specific to their IPP/ISP offer or will explain how to access the information if internet access is not available to them. 

Update on Tampa FNFT Force Adjustment/Layoff

This morning a meeting was held at the Union Hall to discuss the Tampa Fiber Network Field Technician's Force Adjustment/Layoff that was announced several months ago, and has an off-property date of July 18th, 2009.  In attendance for the Union were Robert Prunn, Erik Jones, Danny Johnson (IBEW 5th District Rep) and Martha Pultar (IBEW Telecommunications Director).  In attendance for Verizon were Mike O'Keefe, Tim Smith (newly appointed V.P. of Operations for our region), Curt Waldron (Labor Relations), and President Trinidad Aguirre.

The issue at hand is contained in Article XI, Section 2, paragraph 2.3, on page 36 of our CBA and concerns the interpretation of "minimum additional training".  We have agreed to take this issue to Arbitration and will be preparing to hear this case shortly.

The company is in the process of soliciting volunteers in the Tampa FNFT work group to go on loan to the Potomac region for a period of up to 60 days.  As we were told, it looks like they have more than enough volunteers at this point.  The Union and Company have agreed to "suspend" the July 18th date for a period of 60 days.  This "suspension" of the Force Adjustment/Layoff means that the affected employees will NOT be disturbed during this time and will remain on the property for the additional 60 days.  We hope to be close to having a decision on this matter by the end of the 60 days.  As we get more information, it will be shared with you at that time.

In Solidarity,

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