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ISS Bridgetenders, Part 2

Congratulations to the Bridgetenders in Sarasota County, who today won the right to bargain and have a voice in their workplace.  The election held this morning had 17 YES votes and 6 NO votes.  There was a total of 24 employees in this group.

Again, thanks to the Vountary Organizing Committee and especially all the bridgetenders that took the time to vote.  As with the election last week, it will take 7-10 days to have the election certified. Once both elections are certified, we will begin the bargaining process.

ISS Bridgetenders

Congratulations to the ISS Bridgetenders in District 1 and to the IBEW 824 Volunteer Organizing Committee and a special thanks to Kathy Smith (International Organizing Field Rep) as these bridgetenders won the right to bargain and now have a voice in their workplace.  The election that was held yesterday had 39 employees vote YES and 9 vote NO.  After a 7-10 day timeframe, the election will be certified.

Next Monday, another group of bridgetenders will hold their election and we are anticipating another win for these workers as well.  Once both elections are certified, we will then begin the process of bargaining a "first" contract for these employees.

Again, congratulations to everyone that assisted in this campaign and especially to every bridgetender that voted to have their voices heard!!

VZ Plus Surplus/ISP

We were notified today that there will be a surplus within the Plus Stores.  February 5th, packages will be mailed to all employees in the Plus Stores.  The window opens on February 12th and closes on February 25th.  March 30th will be the off-property date.  Click on the link below for details:

Special Called Verizon Shareholder Meeting

There is a special called Verizon shareholders meeting on January 28th, 2014.  The special meeting was called to vote on 3 proposals – 2 having to do with issuing additional common stock due to the purchase of Vodaphone and 1 for setting new rules to adjourn the special called meeting.  The Telephone Coordinating Council II (TCC II) is recommending a NO vote to all 3 proposals.

Communication Technician Force Adjustment

The Union was notified yesterday that the Company has declared a surplus of Communication Technicians (all reporting to David Woods) in the following locations:

Tampa Exchange – 4

Western Division – 1

Northwestern Division – 1

Southern Division – 6

The Company plans on force adjusting this workforce in the beginning of January.  We are working with the Company to place all the affected technicians and there will not be a layoff of any technician.

401k Contribution Increases

We were notified by the Company that beginning January 1, 2014, eligible associates may contribute up to 25% of eligible pay each pay period (an increase from the current 16% maximum.)  Contributions can be made using any combination of before-tax and/or after-tax contributions (subject to IRS limits.)

Additionally, as a reminder, if you turn age 50 or older by the end of 2014, you can make additional catch-up contributions of up to 60% of eligible pay each pay period as long as you are contributing at least 6% before-tax or have reached the annual IRS before-tax contribution limit, which is $17,500 in 2014.  Please note that you are not eligible to receive company match for any catch-up contributions made to the Plan.

If you have any questions, please call the Verizon Savings Plan Service Center at 1-888-457-9333 to speak to a Service Representative.  Representatives are available from 8:30 am to midnight, Eastern Time, on any day the stock market is open.

4th Quarter 2013 ISP/Surplus Announcement

The Union was notified yesterday evening of a Surplus/ISP offering in several classifications within Verizon of Florida and Verizon Supply Chain Services.  All classifications have been deemed a Voluntary surplus.  Please click the link below to view the classifications/locations declared surplus.

The below timeline outlines important dates:

October 30, 2013           Employee Notification - Packages mailed to employees
November 6, 2013         ISP Election period opens
November 19, 2013       ISP Election period closes
December 14, 2013       Last Day Active for accepted surplus volunteers

CWA/Verizon California Bargaining

Late last week, Verizon California agreed to proceed to mediation with the CWA to continue to work on reaching a fair and equitable agreement.  They began mediation yesterday and there are no reports as of this morning on any progress.

Also yesterday, members in several locations in California walked off the job in protest of Verizon's violation of seniority rights.  As you remember, they are currently working without a contract.  The CWA has asked all members to return to work for their next scheduled tour.

If there is any progress to report, I will include in my report Friday during the General Meeting.

There will also be the latest information from our bargaining discussed Friday night as well.

In Solidarity,


Article XI Arbitration Update

We received the award from the Arbitrator on the “bumping” arbitration heard on June 12th and 13th late last week.  The grievance was “Sustained in Part” by the Arbitrator.  The Union requested clarification of the award from the Arbitrator the next day.  Friday afternoon, the Arbitrator notified us that the Company had 10 days to respond.  As soon as we receive that clarification, we will notify the membership.

3rd Quarter 2013 ISP/Surplus Announcement


The Union received calls yesterday stating that the Voluntary Termination Bonus was not included in the ISP packets that were mailed to members' homes in the announced surplus classifications.  This error has been corrected and Xerox will be mailing out an additional letter to all members that received the ISP info that shows the $10,000 bonus included.

Any questions, please call the Hall.

The Union was notified today of a Surplus/ISP in several classifications.  All classifications have been deemed a voluntary surplus.  Please click the link below to see the classifications/locations declared surplus.

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