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2012 Heartwalk

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Fred Lauper, the IBEW 824 Captain for our team this year and also to all the members and their families for participating in this year's Tampa Bay Heartwalk.

4th Quarter (2nd offering) ISP - 2012

On Tuesday, November 6th, the Union was notified of a 2nd ISP offer to the following classifications:

  • Business Sales Support Representative, located at 610 Morgan Street in Tampa.  3 out of 26 (Voluntary)

  • Business Sales Support Specialist, located at 1909 US Hwy 301 N, Bldg D in Tampa.  1 out of 36 (Voluntary)

The window opens on November 14th and closes on November 27th.  The off-property date is December 15th, 2012.

Benefits Enrollment UPDATE

On October 8th, information was posted on this site regarding your Benefit Choices for 2013.  The info we received and within the packets each employee received, it states that if you are happy with your current coverages, no changes were needed.  However, it was brought to our attention that each employee was automatically "billed" $480 for the spousal surcharge and you would have to go in to the system to delete that charge.  After speaking with Verizon, the system should be revised so that charge is not automatic. 

Also, under Vision Care, the Company incorrectly lists "EyeMed" as the provider for our vision services.  This was also a mistake as Davis Vision is the provider for all IBEW, Local 824 members/bargaining unit employees in Florida.  This was supposed to be revised on the Benefits website as well.

We have received several calls from Retirees stating that the choices for their benefits have changed and new plans are now in place.  If you are a Retiree, please review the plans available to you as there may be better options available at this time.

Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy Relief Fund


Below is a letter from President Hill.  If you would like to contribute, you can donate cash or a check made payable to the IBEW UNITY FUND (indicating Hurricane Sandy Disaster Fund) to your steward, who will then forward to the Union Hall and we will send all contributions at one time.

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Superstorm Sandy wreaked disaster on one of the most heavily populated regions of the United States, one that is also home to tens of thousands of IBEW members and their families. Lost power, shortages of food and gasoline and the lack of heat as November turns colder are common problems in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and elsewhere.

Our members are dealing with these challenges, even as many of them are putting their personal safety on the line to help their communities. I am asking you to help them.

As we did seven years ago when Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, the IBEW is creating a fund to provide support and relief to our members and their families whose lives have been turned upside down by Superstorm Sandy. The money collected for the Hurricane Sandy Disaster Fund will be used to provide urgent relief to those most in need, including those who have lost their homes or sustained severe flooding damage and those who are trying to feed their families and keep them warm and safe.

The International Office is putting an initial contribution into this fund, but we need your help. We urge you to consider making a contribution from your local union and informing your members that individual donations will be gladly accepted. Together, we can provide crucial assistance to thousands of our brothers and sisters. Please make all checks payable to the IBEW Unity Fund, indicating “Hurricane Sandy Disaster Fund” in the memo portion.

We are proud of our tradition of brotherhood in standing together in good times and bad. This is one of the bad times, and our union family needs help. Please give what you can and help us show the true spirit of solidarity.

With best wishes, we are

Fraternally yours,

Edwin D. Hill
International President

Salvatore (Sam) J. Chilia 
International Secretary-Treasurer

Benefits Enrollment for 2013

The annual enrollment for Benefits selections will take place from October 30th through November 13th.  The administrator of benefits will change from Hewitt to Xerox HR Solutions.  You will soon receive the information to make any changes to your benefits.  If you are happy with the benefits you currently are enrolled in, no changes by you will be necessary.  There will be a new Verizon Benefit Center to serve you, beginning October 23rd for changes in 2013 benefits.  You will continue to contact Hewitt for any benefit questions for your 2012 benefits.

The new IRS limit for annual contributions to a Health Care Spending Account is $2500, starting in 2013.  If you currently contribute more than the new limit, and you do not make any changes, your 2013 contribution will set automatically at $2500.

If you do not receive your information packet by October 23rd, please contact your Rep at the Union Hall.

4th Quarter ISP - 2012

On Friday, September 14th, the Company notified the Union of a surplus in several classifications.  Packages were mailed to all involved yesterday and the window will open on September 21st and closes on October 4th.  Last day worked for all who volunteer to leave will be October 20th, 2012.  To see the list of classifications affected, click the link below:


This past Saturday, 7 IBEW Local 824 members were among the 30,000 + union members and working families that attended the Rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  There were many speakers, including IBEW International President Ed Hill.  The main purpose of this rally was to introduce the 2nd Bill of Rights, also known as the Workers Bill of Rights.  Those rights include:

The Right to Full Employment and a Living Wage:

All Americans willing and able to work have the right to safe, gainful employment at a fair and livable wage. We call on the public and private sectors to invest in America’s infrastructure and promote industrial development, maintaining job creation as a top policy priority.

The Right to Full Participation in the Electoral Process:

Recent initiatives to disenfranchise citizens seek to reduce the rolls of eligible voters and empower money instead of people. We believe these actions constitute an assault on our nation’s democracy and history of heroic struggle against voting restrictions based upon property ownership, religion, race and gender and call for reinforcing our fundamental right to vote.

The Right to a Voice at Work:

All workers have the right of freedom of association in the workplace, including the right to collectively bargain with their employer to improve wages, benefits and working conditions.

The Right to a Quality Education:

Education is a fundamental bedrock of our democracy, vital to America’s competitive position in the world and the principal means by which citizens empower themselves to participate in our nation's economic and political systems. Quality, affordable education should be universally available from pre-kindergarten to college level, including an expanded use of apprenticeships and specialty skills training to prepare Americans for the workplace.

The Right to a Secure, Healthy Future:

Americans have the right to a baseline level of health care, unemployment insurance and retirement security, all of which have been badly eroded by the disruption of the social compact that served the nation well for decades. We call on government and private industry together to confront the issues of declining access to health care especially for children, weakening of unemployment coverage, and inadequate pension plans that undermine the ability of working men and women to retire in dignity, even as Social Security and Medicare are under strain and threatened with cutbacks.

Below are some pictures from the Rally:

At 10:00 am, approximately 3500 IBEW and CWA Verizon workers rallied in front of Verizon's Philadelphia headquarters and marched 2 miles to the Workers Stand for America Rally.  Below are some pictures:

If you have not signed the Workers Bill of Rights, please click the links below to download the flier and also a sign-up sheet that you can use to have your brothers and sisters sign the Bill of Rights.  This information will be presented to candidates running for office from both parties. 

Click Below for signature forms:


Late Thursday night, we sent out an email to ask ALL members to wear BLACK today, in a show of Solidarity for the Bargaining Teams in the Northeast and Texas.  Thank you to all IBEW 824 members that participated.  Below are some pics from members in various work groups. (click on the picture to enlarge)



E-Center, Tampa


E-Center, Tampa

SST, Tampa


E-Center, Tampa

E-Center, Tampa

E-Center, Tampa

E-Center, Tampa

FSRC, St. Pete

FSRC, St. Pete

  BSSS, Tampa

3rd Quarter Surplus/ISP

The Company notified the Union yesterday afternoon the classifications that would be offered an ISP for the 3rd quarter.  All classifications are being offered a VOLUNTARY ISP.  There will be no force adjustment/layoff from this announcement.  Below are the affected classifications/locations and numbers.

FSRC (St. Pete)
   Admin Support Clerk     1 out of 3
   Offline Associate           1 out of 12
   Service Rep                   3 out of 111

Communications Tech               1 out of 7
   1290 US 41 Bypass (Venice)
   1701 Ringling Blvd (Sarasota)
   2455 12th St (Sarasota)

Communications Tech                1 out of 15
   855 2nd St S (Safety Harbor)

Communications Tech                 2 out of 25
   1909 US Hwy 301 N (Tampa)
   7701 E. Telecom Pkwy (Tampa)

Communications Tech                 2 out of 7
   400 Lake Destiny Dr (Orlando)

Communications Tech                 1 out of 4
   3050 SR 60 E (Bartow)

Business Sales Support Rep
   610 N Morgan St (Tampa)        6 out of 32

   610 N Morgan St (Tampa)        1 out of 4

Truck Driver
   4458 Madison Industrial Lane   10 out of 10


Preparing for Retirement?

Scarborough Alliance Group can help

Scarborough Alliance Group works with IBEW Local Unions all across the country.  IBEW, Local 824 has worked with Scarborough for quite a few years and they have recently hired a representative in our area that covers the State of Florida.

If you are interested in learning more, click the link below.  If you would like to meet with the Rep, you can contact him directly (his number is on the flier) or you can contact your Rep at the Union Hall.

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